Friday, May 29, 2009


This post relates to a request from Kathi who is about to do some work based on a photograph of a dandelion. Funnily enough I had thought recently to throw away some of the design boards from what I worked out as being 17 years ago. The stitching is quite heavy and mostly on felt, which I thought related to the subject but which the tutor didn’t like as she thought it killed the light. Some of the sketchs I remember doing in the car whilst waiting for my son to finish swimming lessons; you can see from my last post what he's doing now.

The piece I actually liked, which was based on the delicate tufts of seed heads, was sold and I didn’t unfortunately photograph my work at the time.
Well have fun with those dandelions. I can’t let you sample the dandelion wine I made; I assure you that you had a lucky escape - it was rough!!


  1. Absolutely fantastic work and photos. I love dandelions and seedheads - your work is vry inspiring! Carolyn x

  2. I LOVE your dandelion stitcheries! I feel even more inspired by them now, thank you so much for getting them out of hiding....maybe you can start on a new piece. That would be interesting.

  3. I like those dandelions. I always think its a very underrated flower. Its just the right colours and the way they fill a patch of scarp land is incredible. I spent many an hour as a child collecting dandelions for my parents to turn into wine!

  4. The book cover is absolutely gorgeous. The colours are so subtle.

  5. I love your dandelions. My tortoise loves eating them! They are such a happy yellow flower and herb?


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