Monday, June 16, 2008

Wax collage

Once again playing around with wax collage; this started with thinking of ideas of how to use the metal from coke cans. It has bits of crisp packet, metal, dress making pattern, lace and wool sandwiched between layers of wax. It is quite easy to stitch into and the holes can be sealed by ironing the wax.I've made it into a little book ,about 12cms high,using handmade paper. You may notice that I have spent a bit of time tidying the blog, and have put on some labels and a new profile. I’m also trying to get round other peoples’ blogs now that I have more free time


  1. The effect is quite intriguing! Sigh, yet another thing to play with!!

  2. I really like those wax pieces, great work. :)


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