Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Guess What.

I’ve been doing some felting .Just to see if I could remember how and also to use the wool which I gathered in Ireland when we were there this time last year.
I didn’t expect it to felt well so I used it for detail on top of white merino and needle felted some detail with black merino. There is also a bit of Leicester on the surface.

It’s quite hairy but I think that gives it character, but not to be used with a smart black suit!


  1. It does have great character but peoplemay start stroking it and ask what bread it is! Well done, I am useless at felting and always admire others skil1!

  2. Looks great, I've managed to make very little in my attempts at felting!

  3. I love your felted bag, but the owl at the top deserves a frame!

  4. Your photos and info really inspire me to use wool other than merino, which is so easy to use and available in so many colours. Time to go out gathering and experimenting!


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