Tuesday, March 04, 2008


I did a number of pieces for the assessment for Part 2 of my course. I had to decide on a final piece and this was the one the other students thought appropriate.

I enjoyed the process as I have never stitched figures before but I felt technique wise it was rather derivative, based on the work of artists whom I had researched. I took photos and then traced the figures on the computer. Printed out the shapes and used silk organza like tracing paper to copy the figures with erasable marker prior to free machining.

It’s much easier to machine back and side views, it gets really difficult when you get to faces. I suppose it calls for more practise. I like the technique of leaving the loose threads and layering the pieces. You can't really see the layers in the photos, but I played around with the effect of putting some figures at the back and getting a layered effect to give some depth.


  1. I absolutely love this - they are so full of energy. I always think it is difficult to find the line between derivative/inspired by/in the tradition of... there are only so many ideas to go around and each person brings themself to the mix so the work is unique. If, as you are, they are expressing what they have seen through their own eyes and heart.

  2. I think they are great and have wonderful movemnt to them. Sometimes it is useful to copy someone else technique so that you can understand how they make their pieces work.

  3. I love yhis project, the process and the result! What an excellent idea to take photos, trace them and then stitch! Love it.

  4. wow this is brilliant! I love the fluidity of the lines...gorgeous!


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