Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Printing Workshop

Over Easter I did a four day workshop in printing; as usual it was exhausting but really interesting. Fortunately there were a range of different presses to use, and as I have a problem with my back the easey peasey electric one was made for me - just press a button and away you go. This really is the way to make monoprints, so much better than by hand. After the first impression you use a weight to hold down the paper and then you can move the masks, lace whatever to a new area. The oil based inks give a really clear colour. I also had a go at collograph and an etching using a leaf to make marks in the soft ground. The leaf was hard work as it took lots of patience to get it away from the ground and still leave enough to be etched away in the acid bath. I am going to use some of the prints in my book about signs and symbols and will show you those as I go along. See my current header for one of the prints using an Adinkra symbol.


  1. i love your work! i'm taking my first uni printmaking class and i love the possibilities of it. i'm on pins and needles waiting for my chance to try monoprinting.

    but i love your work...beautiful expressions!

  2. That sounds a really interesting day. The leaf print is very interesting.

  3. that;'s some serious equipment! I love the prints you've made, lovely textures

  4. Anonymous9:44 AM

    The first red print is just wonderful, I would happily display that on my wall! Did it inspire you to create a series of prints? Lovely!


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