Monday, November 05, 2007


Last week we had an exercise called drawing with colour. To be honest it took me the whole session to work out that what I was being asked to do was abstract an image from the white objects I had brought in to draw. I think the problem was that I am totally intimidated by the prospect of drawing ,particularly when I see the large scale work people can produce; the other problem is that we are a really big group and there is not much time for individual input.

I have been working hard at writing about ten artists and designers for my ‘Top Ten’ assignment; having completed that and a 1000 word report on one artist, I am starting to think about the other assessment items, and my plan is to try to spend some time actually drawing and to get myself to try and work on a larger scale.
Here is a really interesting link to a video of the paper crumpling guru Vincent Floderer. If you have not heard of him before, take a look, it is fascinating. I found it courtesy of Me Jade; you can find a link on the sidebar to her blog and her interesting work.

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