Tuesday, October 23, 2007


We have been encouraged to join in an exhibition which calls for artwork on a yellow post-it note. As it was small I thought I would make an attempt. I’m not sure it counts as art but at least I had a go. I have been working on an image of a three-headed fish to link with the Dungeness project and the fact that a fisherman there told me he would eat what he caught unless it had ‘three heads’. It sort of fits in with some of the contrasts in the area; a nice place to relax with a days fishing, but with the nuclear power station casting its shadow in the background.
The theme is linked with Reuse, so this is embossed on a piece of tomato puree tube.

We have also been experimenting with linocuts and monoprinting with watercolour inks.


  1. Love the colour you've got on the tom. tube. The printing looks great as well.

  2. Your experiments are cool!

  3. Too me it is definately a piece of art! The metal fish is so great!


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