Saturday, September 08, 2007

Enrolment Week

This week I started my Art and Design Access Course along with about 50 other people of all sorts of ages and backgrounds. It was exhausting even though mostly I was listening and trying to absorb new information. I hope to keep up my blog and document some of the work and ideas from the course which is two days a week. There seems to be an overwhelming amount of work this term so we shall see; I hope not to disappear but if I do you will know what I am up to. The project I dread most at this stage is 3DD design, when apparently we have to package an egg securely and send it safely throught the post; I'm not very acurate at cutting and measuring.

Material experimentation on Friday was not too much of a challenge as our group got Hessian, tracing paper, wire, and thread to work with. Not to speak of a needle! We had a list of words to interpret such as layering, scratching, binding, interlacing, transparency. It reminded me of one of my first embroidery experiments which was Drawn Thread Work and we used Hessian then; at that time we went on to needleweaving..

I worked some small samples and then laced them together. I stitched a sort of maths formula and withdrew some threads. I liked the little packages holding the withdrawn threads.

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