Saturday, July 14, 2007


This week I went to see the Antony Gormley Blind Light exhibition at the Hayward Gallery in London. He is well known in England for his sculpture The Angel of the North at Gateshead. He uses his own body as ‘subject, tool and material’. There was a great deal to see and experience, including a cloud-filled glass box, which you enter after reading a disclaimer to say you have no health conditions which would make it a hazard and are not of a nervous disposition. Unfortunately, reading this made me feel truly full of trepidation, and hanging on to the sides I realized that it seemed to sum up my whole attitude to life - not a risk taker. The aim is to disorientate and increase awareness of ones own body space.

From the viewing gallery you can see ‘Event Horizon’ which consists of 27 fibreglass and 4 cast iron figures spread out across London’s skyscape all facing towards the gallery. Lots of interaction with people trying to spot figures on both sides of the Thames. I particularly enjoyed the groups of photographs which are like the artists sketch book showing how his inspiration for the sculptures came together from views of the landscape and architecture. Well worth a visit if you have the opportunity.

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  1. now I have the perfect excuse to visit london again. we went to Another Place last year and watched his statues disapear under the tide at the end of the day- suspect there is piece of stitching waiting to be born from the photos I took that day.


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