Monday, June 18, 2007

Mono print

I am persevering with the pieces of fabric which I monoprinted in various ways.
This one was done with acrylic paint and fabric medium on a piece of procion dyed cotton. I have also been using the Wacom tablet to draw out more images for digitizing. This was one of the techniques encouraged in Thr3fold Journal; although they have much more sophisticated technology than I do.
I have only a small hoop which makes it all a bit tedious, once you are passed the thrill of seeing the drawn image stitch out for the first time.
This piece looked rather drab until I went for a walk and saw purple thistles amongst the grass, which I think was just the colour scheme I needed to lift things. There will be more stitching before its finished.

I will probably make a bag and will have to decide whether to go for a green or purple silk lining and some kind of dangly in one of those colours.
I enjoyed the get together at The Festival Hall; it is a pity a few more people could not have come along. I also went for a taster day for my Access Course in Art and Design which will start in September, a bit daunting but also fun. No doubt you will be hearing more about that in months to come. I expect the stitching will take a back seat for a while.
We are going to Dublin at the end of the week to see one of my sons and partly as my birthday treat. I have never been to Ireland before so it will be a bit of an adventure.


  1. Wonderful stiches and colours!

  2. Oh! This is going to be lovely!

  3. yes it is so wonderful

  4. I love this piece, it's gorgeous. Love the purple stitching!!

  5. Hi
    This is the first time I have been to your blog ... I love this Mono print piece and I love the colours ... but I am a Purple "kid" so I think your lining should be purple ;-D

  6. Stunning work!
    Alison x

  7. A lovely piece of art Jackie. I'm ashamed to say I live so close to Holyhead and I have never been to Ireland either. I hope you had a great birthday and enjoyed yourself with your son.

  8. This is stunning! You do beautiful work. And you're just back from Ireland, too... this makes me deam. I love going there on holiday.
    (Found you through the DaWanda Ring)

  9. the bag is lovely and the fabric is really interesting.
    Going to Dublin in August!

    neki desu

  10. oh purple and green! Brilliant colours and stitching. I love the mixture of stitch shapes you've used.


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