Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Painted papers.

Painting various types of papers is great fun in itself, it also helps with design ideas and the end results can be used in a number of ways. I often use them to cover sketch or scrapbooks. You can also make some lovely paper beads. Here I have used both recycled brown paper from carrier bags and a roll of brown wrapping paper. I think the recycled paper gives the best results as it tends to be stronger, and will stand more scrunching; this is an essential stage, and gets out some feelings, but if you get too worked up you may find your paper in tatters!

Firstly scrunch up the paper and paint the top of the crinkles. I have used “Brusho”, which is a form of water colour powder. You may use inks, watercolours, just try out the paints you have.
You need to let the paper dry between coats, or hurry it up with a hairdryer or hot air gun. Next repeat the first step with a second colour.You can add some marks with your paint at this point.
Colour in the rest of the paper. For this you do need to have a transparent wash which will not hide the first marks.
Iron the back of your paper; remember you are ironing in the crinkles which help to make the texture.

If you have Markal Paint Sticks they are really useful at this stage; if not use wax crayons. You can gently rub over the crinkles with the paint stick or rub it onto a bit of scrap paper and brush off onto your brown paper with an old toothbrush. Lightly touch the top of the folds with gold acrylic.
Give the paper another iron, I used the cotton setting.
Now you use what I think is a wonderful product Acrylic Wax, if you don’t have that I would use PVA glue. The wax is nice because it gives a soft texture to the paper which begins to feel and look like leather. Now you are ready to use the paper to cover a book or just admire your handywork.



  1. thank you for sharing, it´s looks so fun!

  2. Yes, thank you for sharing. These all look great.

  3. your paper looks fabulous!

  4. cheesehead with sticks4:18 PM

    Thank you for sharing. I've got a bunch of journals to gussy up and this is a great idea! It also looks like a project my daughter would love to help with as well. Two birds with one stone!

  5. Thanks for this wonderful idea

  6. What a great tutorial - thanks!!! Your papers look beautiful!

  7. Great techniques and rich textures. Thanks for this!


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