Thursday, March 08, 2007

Felt course

I would highly recommend the felt making course at The Mary Ward Centre for anyone living near to London. As you can see we learnt a 3d felting method, and also were give information on different types of wool. There was time to make a few samples from wools such as Blue Faced Leicester, and to try out Camel Fleece.

Next Saturday we are going to learn how to make flaps and pockets which should be fun, I have to say that it was hard work as well.

This little construction was felted in three layers around a sort of 'flint' that you find on the beach in England. It was hard waiting for it to dry so that I could cut it open.


  1. beautiful pieces! That sounds like a great class.

  2. wonderful looks like a great class

  3. These are lovely - how nice to be doing a felt workshop - how many students on the course ?

  4. These are fabulous!! Wonderful structures.
    Felting is hard work. I have only done a couple of small 'bits' - nothing like these - The small bits were work enough!


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