Saturday, October 07, 2006

Shibori Felt

I have had my first go at this type of felt today, inspired by a piece I saw at Windsor by Angela Scolding which was based on a crab shell. Mine is very much a first attempt but I am pleased with the effect. I followed Sheila Smith's instructions with whom I once did a felt making course at Urchfont Manor.I felted Merino tops and African Wild Silk onto scrim which I had dyed. I found a bag of glass shapes in a Charity Shop which were ideal for the shaping.

Here it is all tied up and soapy, and then taking shape as the real felting begins.I have now left it to dry. Don't you think the scrim side looks so tactile; I have made it my desktop picture. I plan to embroider the piece at some point.


  1. This looks very interesting. I love the colors.

  2. This looks so yummy!!!
    looks just like Raspberry Sorbet!
    Wonderful work thanks for sharing your blog it is so much fun!

  3. oh wow!!this provides endless possibilities!
    just what i needed to scatter myself thinner.


  4. Anonymous2:38 PM

    it looks marvellous! reminds me of fungus or coral or something living....i can just imagine it 'pulsating'


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