Monday, October 30, 2006

Pekin Knots

I am starting to work on the shaped felt now. Above is a sample, made years ago, based on a dry stone wall in The Lake District. I remembered it when thinking about my felt rocks and planning how to work the embroidery. I was amazed to see the intricate tiny stitches I produced at that stage.

I bubbled up some synthetic organza using a heat gun and painted scraps to be my ice and lichen round the rocks. Tiny stitches, Chinese or Pekin knots. I read somewhere that people went blind working these - I can well believe it.


  1. Love this work, you just want to touch it! I loved the bubbled areas particulary. From Carol T

  2. Love this work, you just want to touch it! I loved the bubbled areas particulary. From Carol T

  3. Oh gorgeous! Love the colors in this. and those tiny little stitches... I can see where those would be hard on the eyes after a while.

  4. Really like the stone wall piece. I'm presently working on a series of photographs dealing with stones and stonewalls. The Peking knots sound interesting.
    Pardon my ignorance, but are they similar to French knots?


  5. Anonymous8:01 PM

    Gee Jackie, I'd have emailed you but couldn't find your email listed. I love the textures you're making.

    It doesn't feel all that cold here in Alaska., even though it is. It's a very dry cold, so you don't notice it as much. I was born & raised in Michigan, & the weather there is probably more like yours, but being by the Great Lakes, is was always humid. SO winter felt cold & damp, & summer there was hot & humid. Alaska is more temperate.

    The switch to Beta doesn't seem to have made any difference in my blog itself. It has been way easier to post. The only drawback is having to sign in each time I go on line (it won't remember me), & leaving comments I sometimes have to do a little sign in on certain blogs. So far I'm glad I've done it. It saves time on publishing, & really is easier.

  6. Thanks for your comments on my blog too! I tought the heat setting might have been how you got the bubbles in the felt? Hand stitching is my first love but I am trying to work on my machine stitching this year, as part of the C+G. Love carol

  7. I forgot to mention, if you like the look of the stuff on my blog, you might like to have a look at my yahoo group, we are a group of like minded stitchers and we are having a go at challenges at the mo, the group is called textilechallenges. If you would like to have a look, there is a link on my blog. I'm sure you would be a welcome addition. We are currently finishing up a cut back/reverse applique challenge, and as of next week we will be looking at manipulated surfaces. Hope you could join us! Love carol

  8. Thanks Jackie, you are very welcome to join up when ever you get the time, if you want to join up and just lurk and check things out, you are welcome, you can get a feel for the group then! Lots of love Carol

  9. both these images look really lovely!

    I think the stitch you are talking about may also have been known as 'forbidden stitch' in China, as in times past it was banned because it caused blindness.

    Not sure if i'm short-sighted because i do a lot of detailed work, or if i work the way i do (small and detailed) because i am short-sighted. Probably both.


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