Sunday, August 13, 2006

Pride goes before a fall

You will note the lack of photos. I am in fact only able to post by 'borrowing' my husband's
computer. Terrible things have happened to mine, not to speak of expensive things. Anyway it had to go back to the shop and now my husband won't let me hook up to the internet until the files are all backed up and the dvd writer doesn't work. Could it get worse? Well it did, I also managed to wreck the creative card in my sewing machine, which will be more expense. I suppose the worst thing is that I don't really know how I managed to create such chaos.

Its a real shame as I wanted to show you the felt piece all stitched, beaded and complete.
I have also found out about Parfait dyeing and wanted to show the results. I could tell where I found out about the dyeing process but of course I managed to lose all my links.
Hopefully, life will be back to normal soon.

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  1. so bad so bad al bad things seem to happen in the same time I hope it will be over soon and love to see the wonderful things you made
    good luck Emmy


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