Saturday, August 26, 2006

Festival of Quilts

There are quite a few photos on blogs from people who attended this event last week in Birmingham. This is my favourite part, the virtual studio. You can get so many tips and ideas from watching other people work, and there always seem to be more people ready to share at quilt shows. The artists working are part of committed to cloth; on the links section of their web site you can find out about thermo screens, which are relatively cheap and good for screen printing if you have limited space. Since last years show I have used the idea of complex cloth by layering dyed fabric with stencilling, painting, stitching etc.. I plan to try monoprinting with thickened procion dye at some point.

Jo Budds quilts were amongst my favourite work, lovely clear fresh colours; worked on rusted fabric.

I bought some small pieces of marbled fabric from Chaosprint for my son who is interested in learning the process.

Thank you to everyone for your recent sympathy after my 'puter problems!


  1. Thanks for the reminder about the Virtual Studio - I didn't make it to FOQ this year but it was my favourite part last year.

  2. Thanks for the link & the photos Jackie. What wonderful work!

  3. I do LOTS of monoprinting. The male figure in my newest post is monoprinting and freezerpaper resist combined (just the figure, not the bac ground). Easy-peasy, ask if you have any questions.


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