Thursday, June 29, 2006


My first swap all the way from Winnetka arrived this week from . A lot of thought went into it, including researching liquorice allsorts - she contacted me after I had commented that some of her small felt pieces looked like sweets - so she made me some felt ones. I have already used two of the unique cards; all in all it was a great pleasure to receive.
I hope you are impressed that I have managed to put a picture in the blog title. This took many hours and assistance from the help files, as I really don't know anything about computer code. It made my head hurt, just like my maths homework used to do. The satisfaction when I got it in place was enormous.


  1. I am very impressed. I love blogging but beyond straight blogging has escaped me. I'd love a fancy banner. I'd love to add "things and stuff" to the sidebar. I can't seem to "syndicate" or get "counter" going. What else? Everything! But you have done it and congrats!!!! Beautiful.

  2. Thanks for your suggestions....I have tried (and will again and keep saying, "Jackie did it Jackie did it Jackie did it")

    I also bought a blogger book based on blogspot. Funny how those books aren't written in English that I understand. Have you noticed that "they" (the techies" continually mix up noun and verb usage?

    But like the little that could, I can.......thanks.

  3. Blogger has good help files for most stuff.

    Love your felt bags, Jackie.

  4. Your banner is lovely. I got lucky & found a blog called Mandrin Designs, she made it very easy.

    The Allsorts felt are very cute. My DH loves that candy!


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