Saturday, April 22, 2006

Tissue Paper Poppy 3

It is satisfying to sort out the threads for a project. Here I have couched down threads and strips of material with free machining. In places I have used very fine pieces of silk to knock back and give texture to the surface. There are small areas of dark purple velvet which peep out from under the gossamer silk surface.

For some reason I had the urge to use BOKHARA COUCHING, which is a solid filling stitch. You can see it in Mary Thomas' Dictionary of Stitches p98. The idea came because I have been tidying all my photos and found an interesting picture of this stitch used in a sample. I wanted to use quite heavy stitching with bold colours. I haven't used it before but it comes together nicely and works to blend in the colours.

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  1. I am enjoying seeing how you work through this piece. The colours are wonderful


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