Saturday, April 01, 2006


Recently I have printed and dyed some calico using procion and fabric paints. I have a skeleton leaf thermo-screen which I bought from Committed to Cloth ; you can read about them on their web site. I first saw them used at the NEC Quilt Championships last year. They are small and easy to use if you have limited space.
I also used cotton reels, a stencil and pieces of plastic to print with. The gold is Pearl Ex powders.
As you can see I also finished the bag from the one day course at the VA last weekend.


  1. Hi Jackie, I was looking for myself and I found you!
    Hope you found the course useful. I'm running a 2 day one in August to allow more time for both gallery and making, should be good. Nice to see the finished bag - loks very successful...and your other work


  2. Is a 'Thermo Screen' one that has been made with a 'Thermofax' machine? just wondering... I love using the Thermofax to make my screens...


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