Wednesday, July 29, 2020


If you happen to land here, probably from Pinterest, you may like to know that my most recent work can be found on Instagram (Stitchworkjackie) or in my new shop .  
At the moment this features block printed fabric items, but later I plan to include some of my textile pieces, particularly the needle felted ones, many of which have been pinned in the past. 

So still in the land of the living, and OK, as I hope you are.


  1. Noooo ... you just came up in my blog roll hahaha
    And nice to see you again ;-)
    With what do you make your prints Jackie, is that like the printing ink one uses for printing line stamps ??? (never seen so many bright colours ...) But I haven't been to any such shops for the last four months, while life came to a Covid stand-still ...

    1. Yes, still about. I bought some PickPrettyPaints with some money from a sale of two textile pieces. Lovely colours but dry quickly so wasteful. I carve blocks and use a soft roller to apply the ink. Nice to hear from you. Bought on line. Only going out to walk the dog!


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