Saturday, May 27, 2017

Lino cut and the Xcut

I am still enjoying using the Xcut, and if you have ever wanted to do some printing but been put off by the price of expensive presses I would highly recommend it. ‘Handprinted’ in the UK is the place to go for an extended bed and felt blanket. On Facebook there is a group especially for the Xcut and there is also Lino cut Friends, where you can see some professional prints and get lots of tips and advice. I am using my dremel to make some marks and I am sure it has more potential for this.
This will be a post short on words but ask if you want to know anything about the process.

I went to a workshop at our local museum which was linked to an exhibition of paintings from Southampton Museum called ‘The Romantic Thread’.  Asked to come up with an image after a tour of the paintings and a talk, I decided on a contemporary angel. This was thought to be a creative idea but lacking in execution. I agree and when I took it into lino cut I  didn’t like the facial expression; I may redo that. The prints are my first try at mono-print with linocut.

I have also made a three block print using a drawing made from a family photograph.

So it goes on, endless fun at the moment, made easier by clean up using baby wipes, less ink and Reeves Tear-off Palettes. Caligo Safe Wash ink cleans up easily, but you do need to get into a routine,unless you want a very messy bathroom.


  1. Really great lino cuts, Jackie!

  2. Wow Jackie, LOVE that "angel" lino cut !!!


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