Tuesday, November 01, 2016

South Lea Meadow, Cliddesden

Here is a sad tale I wanted to share.
Now the proposed site for 40 new houses. This field in a conservation area and for a long time a perpetual theme.

 A lino cut.

Paste paper added to fabric.

Pulled thread free machining.

Mono print.

Free machine embroidery.

Collograph printed with a pasta machine.
Will it soon be just a memory? Definitely a case of please 'not in my backyard'.


  1. I'm lost for words Jackie ... for many reasons !
    This piece of land has been an on-going theme in your work ! Love ALL these different artworks you made ... It's a wonderful sight from your window, I see now.
    (GRRRRRRRR this is so bad : that every piece of nature must be build upon ... )

    1. Thanks Els, I have decided that acceptance is probably best for my emotional health.

    2. Hmmmmm that indeed is true ....

      "Everything is change"

      (though not always for the best ;-) ...)

  2. Beautiful work but a sad story. Keep up your spirits!

  3. What a nice review of your work with this theme ! Great pieces, all !
    Not so great news as to the future of this spot ! All in the name of progress :( :(
    Sometimes all you can do is sit back and say 'it is what it is' ... much better for ones health !

    1. Thanks,yes,I agree I think we will make our protest,but then accept what is probably inevitable.


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