Thursday, September 01, 2016


Coming up to autumn now, I am looking forward to going down to Dorset again soon, starting in September and then, hopefully, regularly through the Autumn/Winter months. Not least because I followed a class on Creative bug which is gives clear instructions for crochet over stones.

 This helped to revise my very rusty crochet knowledge, but unfortunately I have no stones of the right sort of size so I need to get back to beach combing. I dug through my limited collection of hooks, mostly inherited, and my not so limited store of thread to come up with the basics, but no stones!

I have followed some more lettering workshops, watercolour (Silly Faces) and recently one on cross hatching.

I made a couple of ‘jewellery’ pieces having bought and tried out some epoxy glue to fix small pieces of beach glass to shards.

Thank you for catching up with my 'doings'.


  1. Good luck with your beach combing - you'll be visiting my part of the world - I'm in Somerset

  2. Ahhh lovely beach glass pieces !
    Love the lettering results.
    O yes crochet around stones ;-)
    (love those wonderful flat or round stones when I see them ... always want to take some home !)


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