Wednesday, June 01, 2016

June update

June already, some good progress with my wrist, I can do most things for a short time but still not able to drive which is frustrating. Did I tell you that my son bought me a Dremel to encourage me to look ahead to times when I could do more hand work. I have become rather obsessed with beach combing, which I have always enjoyed but now has a purpose as I collect sea glass and beach pottery. I am so jealous of some of the wonderful coloured finds which people collect all over the world but get a thrill from each little piece I find when down in Dorset.

 I joined Instagram and don’t know what took me so long as I now check it at least twice a day.

‘Skill Share’ which I am sure I mentioned previously has been a life saver, especially when I was more able to hold the camera and use the keyboard. I have followed a variety of courses, particularly pattern making on the computer, really difficult, even recently a block printing one. I made a roll for my watercolour brushes. I am have no real knowledge of how to paint and no real skill, but in some ways it is liberating to go to a class and now a club, and just mess about. It’s a new stage. I have no ambition; I'm just doing and enjoying the company.

Here are a few images of what I have been up to.


  1. What a supporting son! And isn't it great just to do and not to have a goal or plan?

  2. Seems like you have been busy. Block printing puts a lot of pressure on the arms, go easy :) The pencil roll looks lovely. All gadgets deserve a home like this. It is inviting you to do more art :)

    1. Thank you both.I will take it slow,but so nice to have a go again.Bending wire has got to be the strangest choice!!


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