Sunday, April 03, 2016

Just a quick catch up, April already: after taking a pause from blogging I was ironically forced to stand back from most of my creative endeavours as I fell and badly fractured my left wrist. I am out of the cast now and starting to get some limited use back from my still swollen and stiff wrist. Thank goodness for Skill Share which has enabled me to follow a number of interesting courses and keep my spirits reasonably good. It proved frustrating at times as there are certain computer functions which require the use of both hands; still every little improvement is welcomed.

   A positive is that this enforced ‘time out’ has made me recognise how important creative activity is to me and I think in time it will renew my enthusiasm. One of my sons has given me a dremel as a challenge for the future and I have been collecting beech finds in Swanage.

I was so happy when I could use my camera again (wearing a splint) and I have enjoyed the challenge of manual settings. I have also joined Instagram and posted a few photos over there.

A boost to my spirits was to hear that an image of my felt work will appear in ‘World Wide Colours of Felt’ published by textiellink   which will be published this Spring.


  1. So incredibly sorry! I fractured my wrist in 2010 and I know how challenging it is! I was in Alaska care taking my folks in my childhood home in the winter and it was very hard to keep going and doing everything I had to do for them anyway! My very best to you during this healing process!!!

  2. Hello Jackie, i hope you get well soon. It is nice to see you here again :)

    1. Thank you both,your situation Michele sounds much worse than mine,as I have been the looked after one. Slowly on the mend now.


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