Wednesday, December 09, 2015

Confession time.

For the last few rows I have to admit that I have taken to the sewing machine. It really isn't as satisfying as stitching by hand but I began to recognise that if I kept working by hand I was going to get bored and put the project aside. It is quite a mixture now as I seek out more pieces of material and projects from over the last   few years; I hope eventually to bring it together as I work into it.

 So there is some writing, some stamping, even some foiling.

 Here is a hand stitched card which I made for my husband many years ago.

 Some encaustic, some monoprinting on procion dyed fabric.

Here is a try out for the Magic Feather Project next to a bit of batik with soy wax.

I am still equally enjoying and being frustrated by the Skill Share classes; many of the skills are a bit beyond my level but I keep persevering. A fun one is about drawing collections and putting them together on the computer, very well presented and enjoyable.

Another is about doodling and then tracing and colouring the doodles on the computer. I also made the clown which resulted as a repeat pattern.

I hope you are all prepared for Christmas, hard to believe that is has come round so quickly.

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  1. Oh yeah .... I know what you mean : the feel of a hand stitched seam is sooooo much nicer but ... ;-) finishing things is nice too ;-)
    Lovely to see "old" pieces with a special memory in between all the parts Jude's try out feather ! (for you they all have a memory attached ...)


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