Saturday, April 04, 2015

A Revelation.

I am often wandering from one end  of the room to  the other when working with a group of people and asking where did I put the masking tape, etc., etc.?  A couple of weeks ago it came to me, what I need is a pocket in my apron! Obvious. I won’t say that there will not still be times when I lose the essentials or go home with a needle stuck in my jumper for safe keeping but forgotten. So this was a golden opportunity to do some more block printing.

 It is so much easier when the blocks have already been made and tried and tested. Moo Carve is good because it is nice and thick to carve and print with, and both sides can be used.

Work in progress.

Now I shall not want to get it dirty.


  1. Nice and colourful,durable too! Love it!

  2. What a great way to use your stamps !!!
    Happy Easter

  3. Really enjoying your block prints. Have not heard of Moo Carve blocks. Will have to check them out. Love the apron with the large pockets too. I am forever misplacing tools when working and/or teaching.

  4. Lovely apron and no, you will not want to get it dirty so you might avoid wearing it perhaps??
    Not heard of Moo Carve either. I have recently done some wood carving which is quite addictive once you get the hang of using the tools.

      A link to moo carve on Amazon
      Thanks for the comments.

  5. Your wall of work in progress is so delightful. Great big pocket there. xox

  6. I love the tree prints, so pretty.

  7. I love your apron, Jackie. You are clever making the stamps too! All so pretty.


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