Friday, January 23, 2015

'Just turn up'

I always enjoy Jane Davies'blog and in particular her video demonstrations,recently she posted about an artist's black and white work which she enjoyed and was inspired by; her theme  was also about 'just turning up' and doing the work, making marks, playing. I did the same thing in my own way using Indian Ink, graphite and pen marks. I then cut up the result into smaller pieces and added more pen marks and doodles.

I decided to add some free machining lines in red thread.

There is some suminagashi marbled tissue paper just visible in the one below.

I took photos and made collaged images on the ipad.

I also made cards of these images as I have two family birthdays coming up. So I turned up and had some fun with the idea.


  1. These are so effective and it reminds me of a workshop I did with Fay Maxwell - you take a piece of white paper and 'free draw' with a candle - hence you can't see the design - then you colour your paper with a wash of brusho and the design appears - cut it up into pleasing pieces for stitch

  2. Love the shades of grey with the red stirching! So classy.

  3. Amazing work and I like the resulting cards you have made. very unique. hugs Mrs A.

  4. You sure did 'turn up' - these are great fun. I love the movement in them and the red which gives such life. Lucky recipients of the cards! I will search Jane Davies' blog. All that black and white is very inviting!


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