Saturday, September 27, 2014


This is one way to build up layers of words and writing on both paper and fabric; I have shown some examples in my sketchbook video.
So you can work on either fabric or paper whichever you fancy or both. Taping the edges with masking tape makes a nice edge to your work. Work on a smooth surfaced fabric such as calico or poplin.

Write some words at varied angles on the surface using a permanent ink.

Stencil over areas where you have words using acrylic matt medium.

Allow to dry and then paint over acrylic paint , I used Craft Acrylics; before the paint is thoroughly dry wipe it away, using baby wipes, in the areas which you have stencilled with acrylic medium, the medium will act as a resist.

Add some masks in areas (freezer paper works well for this) and then add another colour of contrasting paint. In the areas that you mask out you can add some more words.

Using varied scales of words adds to the overall effect; if you have a letter stamp trying using that in places.
Add some large scale writing using a Sharpie Marker or similar. Swipe some areas of pearlescent/ iridescent paint in areas using an old plastic card or pallet knife.

~Do this just for fun or make up the fabric for items such as book covers, wallets etc.Add some free machining for another layer of 'writing'.


  1. Anonymous5:57 PM

    I am new to this. Why do you need the layer of matte acrylic medium? What is that?

    1. acrylic medium has a number of uses, for instance as a collage medium;here it resists the paint so it can be wiped away in areas.

  2. I seem to have been away so long so it's good to get back and see what everyone has been doing. This all looks very interesting. Only half recognisable words are a great way of adding visual interest and movement to a piece. Thank you for this.

  3. Thank you so much Jackie , lóve this !

  4. This looks so wonderful on both paper and fabric that I have got to have a cleaning or cooking to do then!!

  5. Love this precess, and the results.

  6. Oh gosh, this is terrific, I am going to try this ASAP.
    Your fabric purses look wonderful.


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