Friday, June 27, 2014

Communication and a nice warm feeling.

Even after quite a few years of blogging I still marvel at the links it makes to people all over the world. The above is a somewhat scrappy representation of how my little bags made these links. First came my visit to ‘Out of the Dark’ in High Wycombe, receiving a gift of salvaged wire and the idea of a possible workshop using offcuts of upholstery fabric, then to a request at about the same time for an article for Dales’ Australian emagazine. Now, with the giveaway, Els has received her bag in The Netherlands, and the other two are hopefully winging their way to India and the USA.


  1. I too love to make all these connections ;-)

  2. O you are so right about blogging. It brings you friendships with like minded people on a variety of interests.


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