Thursday, October 24, 2013


I am not currently signed up for Design Matters TV  but no doubt I will join again in the future as I enjoy the stimulation of their weekly videos. I wanted to let you know that at the moment they have just added two extra free videos to advertise what they offer. The two new ones happen to be two of my favourites from past weeks, one is about monoprinting on fabric and the other is showing an easy way to wax papers. You may enjoy them. I was reminded of a technique for monoprinting designs onto fabric and had a go with my rabbit sketch.

I used a piece of fabric which had been dyed and one which I had rusted.

I then added some handwriting.
Playing around I added an extra rabbit to the photograph;this could now be transferred to fabric using TAP. 
Endless possibilities.


  1. Monoprinting is a great technique and one I'm finding I use quite a lot. The combination with transferred line is lovely. Thank you - I will try it ...

  2. Beginne gerade mit Monoprinting. Finde deine Motive sehr schön.


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