Thursday, September 19, 2013

Thoughts on Colour

My favourite cheer-me-up colour is zingy lime green. I hate all other green, for me green belongs outside, nature does it so well, but I can't be miserable with lime green in eyesight :)

 Butter yellow is a favourite. I'm not real keen on the olive green camouflage colours but... ;) ;)

My favourite colour is blue in practically all its hues. I usually choose dark blue to wear and lighter, greenish tones to work with. Aren't all colours fascinating though?

Olive and pea greens have been my faves for a long time. I love that everything seems to work with them. Pink is my least fave colour although I have printed paper with pinks earlier this year and rather liked it that way. I don't think I've worn pink since...ah yes, my pink phase in the mid-1980s.

I love green - all shades!! My least favourite would be brown, despite the fact I'm wearing a brown jumper at the moment!

I used to avoid yellow but now I am drawn to it. It has gone from worst to best in quite a short space of time.

I love ashes of roses pink but really dislike black, I find it so hard to sew with.

No matter how hard I try I always end up using blues, greens , purple when dyeing. I never go for reds or orange

I love muted tones like washed out blues, faded browns, and quiet greys. I tend to shy away from forest greens and burgundies.

Chartreuse is probably my favorite, but periwinkle is so close, it's hard to choose one. I avoid pink.

My favourite colour is teal and I tend to shy away from grey.

See my post of Sept. 10th to be included in the draw for a copy of 'Tie Dye' written by Shabd Simon-Alexander.

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  1. I enjoyed your colour analysis post Jackie, it is so funny how a shade of a colour is 'right' and then another so 'wrong'. I find myself working with the same colour palettes although it is not a conscious decision, in fact I never realised my wardrobe is full of the same colours! With all my new dyeing experimentation I have used deeper shades but still do not really like 'true' colours, I like to add a little of another colour for some reason. I found you post fascinating and it has made me think about colour a lot more. I have a real aversion to pale purples - lavender in particular it evokes a really strong reaction. Jayne x


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