Monday, August 26, 2013

Waiting for his Whiskers.

Over the weekend I have played with some of Anne Bagby’s techniques for printing paper. She uses bookbinder’s tissue paper and deli paper, neither of which I have, and prints directly onto the paper whereas, mostly, I adapted some of her ideas to use with the gelli plate.

 I liked her way of mixing colours to avoid  poster paint bright colours and she has some other good methods, in summary she is very professional, knows what she is talking about and her DVDs are packed with information. Basically I have just been having fun.

 I used drawing paper, copy paper and some baking parchment. I particularly liked the way of raising an image off the surface by gluing it onto fun foam.

Whiskers found:-


  1. I love the rabbit and his whiskers. I'm yet to try gelli plates, they seem to be well worth the investment and you've had great results. I particularly like the prints with the lettering, the colours are lovely!

  2. I agree with Miriam, I like the prints with the lettering too and the colours you have used are lovely. A very interesting technique.

  3. Jackie - I am pretty sure that the Lineco tissue paper is Tissutex - haven't tried it myself but they are both conservation papers with very similar sounding properties. I shall try Anne's ideas on Tissutex - her videos are excellent
    Love your work

  4. Tissutex is different from Lineco sheet tissue. Two weights are available: 9 gsm and 21 gsm. It is said to be made of abaca fiber. It has very good wet strength yet seems more supple than a wet strength abaca tissue sold by Talas. One source compares it to tea bag paper without perforations.

  5. That rabbit is very cute! love how you've used a combination of papers, need to look up that DVD!


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