Saturday, March 23, 2013

Lacy Grid

I think the Lacy Grid is now finished. I do have to work on the edges and there is one spot where I may add some stitches in black wool. I am tempted to fill in all the little shapes because it is fun to do so, but I am mindful of the fact that it is good to have some clearer less cluttered areas.

 Photos taken using the ipad are so seductive with the optimum resolution for the retina display, so much so that it is tempting to never use ones camera, but unfortunately they do not look quite as good on the computer. I really like taking pictures with the ipad and seeing them in the origami slideshow. Yes, I am still hooked.

If you are a new technique junkie like myself you will like this Pinterest site which I found the other day; you can have hours of fun just flicking through all the techniques but don’t try them all at once.

 Don't forget the Give away.
 You will need to leave a comment on the previous 'Give Away' post and either have your name on the Followers list or add it.  I will make the draw at the end of the month.

My son very kindly printed and stretched one of my rust prints onto a canvas and here it is in my new, nearly finished, kitchen.


  1. Love the Rust print....I also love my IPad!

  2. Love this piece of work, you have some great textures there. I had a look at the Pinterest site, not sure if I should say thanks, I can see how hours could be spent looking at it (I should be working on finishing a project) I've dragged myself away!

  3. I, too, love this piece of work ! Your photos are gorgeous and looking closely, I see lots of detail and many hours of work there !
    Your print is gorgeous, too !!

  4. Do you have a follow by email button so that I won't miss your blog postings.

  5. I love this piece of work. There are lots of intricate details, love the buttons. That rust print is a stunner. x

  6. I love your works, the free motion is wonderful, as well as another embellishments.

  7. Thank you all. I am sorry not to be able to get back to some people. Carmina I liked your pictures of the exhibitions, but was unable to comment for some reason. Best wishes.

  8. Love the rust print - very colourful.

  9. Anonymous10:37 AM

    Beautifullly balanced. And the rusty print is fantastic!

  10. This is a wonderful piece!


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