Monday, February 25, 2013

Old Cooker Pleads For A New Life.

It’s nice to think about my new kitchen but three weeks in I am fed up of dust and chaos. I want my washing machine back!

 But the one good part is that I salvaged some of the old cooker parts and had some happy hours waiting for them to rust onto paper.

 Years ago I did a hanging with some rusted fabric I had made using  wire wool pads and vinegar. 

                            A couple of years ago I also made a book using rusted fabric and some of the copies of the notes and recipes my mother had left.
 Suddenly rusting is in vogue again and on the net there are some lovely images of both fabric and paper which people have rusted; most remarkably Alice Fox.     Mine is just a bit of a diversion but I hope to use one of the images on canvas as a picture for my new kitchen.


  1. It's the "decay" aspect isn't it...

    ...very Wabi-Sabi...

    x C

  2. It was certainly worth keeping the rustable parts, the papers look great. Saw Alice Fox at the Festival of Quilts in August and her work was beautiful. I even bought a small piece.

  3. I love rusted fabric as well -- but I stopped making and using it because it is hell on the sewing machine. If I ever do any more, it'll be hand stitched.

  4. I love the cooker rust pieces Jackie. I have a bucket of rusty bits soaking in the garden. I got given some bike parts - all manner of cogs. Leaving them for a while longer. I look forward to seeing the pictures you create with them. Hope the kitchen is finished soon. jayne x

  5. Hi Jackie,
    I adore the last photo with rust on a watercolour ? ... the rust and blue-grey are luscious !!! Wow !
    How big is it ?
    Is it for sale ?
    I simply have to try this 'rust' stuff one day !
    I hope your new kitchen is finished soon.

  6. Had my new kitchen 4 yrs ago and it was a month of utter caos so know how you feel. How lovely to have a picture hanging up in your new one using images of your old cooker parts. That really will be a focal talking point. Hugs Mrs A.

  7. you envy my stash i envy your stash ...

    i love what you do with thread & colour ... >>> Gina

  8. I too love Alice Fox's work. I have a couple of her recent publicity prints and would love to own one of her gorgeous Tide Marks books. Maybe I'll catch up with her sometime soon.


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