Friday, May 25, 2012


I seen to have inherited quite a lot of old bandage. The previous generation were keen on keeping
First Aid boxes which appear to have never been used.

I'm pleased that my Embellisher gives me a use for most of them.

Alma Stoller is celebrating her 40th birthday with a $40 dollar reduction in the registration fee for the next six months of Stitched. See the link in my side bar for more details of the workshops. In June I will be having a give-away linked to my workshop. Alma is also having a draw in which you can win threads over the next few weeks.

Out of interest, I have not used the 'gotcha' code when people post for at least a year and hardly ever get any spam now that Blogger has sorted it out  - I must say I find it increasingly difficult to get the codes right first time.

For those people who wanted to see how I use the bandage, here it is embellished.


  1. I'd be very interested to see what you've embellished onto the bandage!

  2. so am I, show us please....

  3. Yes bandages are an interesting challenge and a great texture to use!
    I picked up a big box of blue folded dressings and am yet to make use of them .... so will keep an eye out to see what you come up with lol

  4. Jackie, just wanted to say I love your work and just received your Blurb book and it is luscious!!! I just mentioned it in my blog post here

  5. Who'd have thought the simple bandage would be so sought after!

    Beautiful coverd buttons & with those wonderful lined holes (I've forgotten the name - it's late!)

    Would love to have gone to the City Lit exhibition - your work looked fabulous.

  6. Love the bandage! My husband is a first aider and comes home with bandages and slings after hsi refresher courses. I never get the bandages as the kids go off and wrap themselves up as mummies in them but I have used the slings a few times along with the embellisher : )

  7. you are soo adictive, I keep coming back to see wot you are doing-- keep up the good work....


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