Tuesday, January 17, 2012


In the first month an amazing 117 people have joined STITCHED. With 20 plus video workshops to watch, a wide variety of techniques are covered. So far I have had time to watch only a few. I think because it is the first video venture for many of the tutors they are really generous with the amount of time and detail they have included in the workshops.

I have found a number of good tips and ideas already.

My contribution is Make Your Mark with Stitch (Lets Play Noughts and Crosses) and I had some fun showing a simple monoprint method and adding stitch to make a stitched panel which could be used in a number of ways. Here I show it used as a bag front.
I realised part way into organizing the workshop that in some parts of the world they don't have any idea what the game of 'noughts and crosses' is, and not only that X's are not called crosses and 'noughts' is so old fashioned its like a foreign language; so as people have joined from all over the world its probably a mystery to them. Thank goodness for Wikipedia.

A number of firms have become involved and are offering prizes for the  regular draws which Alma is organizing.

The registration is open until May and the workshops available until June.
Click here to visit Alma Stoller.


  1. Nice combo. of printmaking and stitching Jacky! I wonder if Naughts and Crosses is what we call tic-tac-toe in the US.

  2. I was super inspired by your workshop! I love how it encouraged me to experiment, and I had a lot of fun with it. Thanks so much!

  3. Glad there's so much interest. Looked facinating so i'm not surprised.

    Love that first skeleton pic, below. I prefer mine sans ligaments & I have a tiney birs languishing in the shed waiting to be put into a still life collage. On my long list ;)

    Louise Baldwin again, oh!

  4. Anonymous12:23 AM

    Your stitched panel is simply gorgeous. How magnificent.

  5. Swell little bag. Is that ink or resist? Love it. xox Corrine


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