Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Up-date on Summer Giveaway.

These are pics of the Summer Giveaways.

 I shall be away next week on a course at West Dean College . Follow the link if you want to know more about what they offer. Its exciting just looking at the images and colours.The title of the course is 'Exploring Stitches to Create Structure in Cloth' with Dionne Swift, whose work I have seen at Knit and Stitch. I particularly liked her work with felt.
For those of you who have no idea about West Dean it is a wonderful manor house, the former home of the eccentric Edward James, who set up a fellowship to support artists and craftspeople. He was a sponsor of artists such as Rene Magritte and Dali. His final years were spent in South America buiding a series of follies in the form of towers.
The house is amazing with lots of history and attached to this are very modern studios, including a professional weaving studio where the tapestries for the new Houses of Parliament were woven.
Then there is the food!
It is a real treat to myself to go there again, and I am telling myself to enjoy every minute. I do get a bit driven on courses, rather than just enjoying the moment. We shall be making a number of samples using 3D structures as inspiration, hopefully you will see the results here.

So,if you want to join the giveaway scroll down to the original topic,(July 12th) leave a comment there and join the followers list.Be in it to win it. I am thinking of adding a extra freebie too.


  1. How beautiful these are - I hope I'm lucky! I would love to go to West Dean for a course one day. I live in the southeast and it's not too far away from me but making time and arrangements for a week away are always a big deal. I follow your blog with Google Reader but will add myself to your followers as well. Have a wonderful time on the course :-)

  2. have a great time at west dean; sounds like a fab course! i hope we can hear all about it (with pictures?) when you are back!

  3. I love your blog-so much eye candy...I'll be a follower...

  4. Is that close by St Dunstans? I went there with a friend as her carer for a week and am sure the collge was on the hill nearby? Or maybe that was girls school come to think of it! Great area though.........enjoyyyyyyy!

  5. What a fun piece full of energy!

  6. Jackie, your work is completely gorgeous, I hope I left a comment to be able to enter the draw! I hope you have a great time at West Dean. I have often looked at their range of courses and wished I could go on one. I'm sure you will enjoy every minute and I look forward to seeing photos of the results here!


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