Saturday, July 30, 2011


My header image which I have now decided is finished, I will probably make it into a little lined bag at some point; I am quite keen on these at the moment and I have been collecting nylon zips in Charity shops.

I have mainly used Cretan Stitch, some of Spirit Cloths' method of backstitch, and some triple seeding stitch, on a backing of thin wadding.

These bags are always useful, and the last one has made a good case for my Kindle; using a piece of indigo dyed on my Access Course and a piece of cyanotype print, which I was into the last time we had a sunny summer; how long ago was that?

One of my books will be in the Sheffield International Artists' Book Prize Exhibition being held at Bank Street Arts in Sheffield, from 11th October to 5th November. Take a look here for details.

I will show you some images if any come on line, as I shall not be able to get up North to see the exhibition myself. There is no selection process, but you are encouraged to donate the book to their growing collection of books. A good thing about the exhibition is that it is an exploration of the way in which to display artists’ books as much as anything else and all books will be there for visitors to look through.
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  1. I adore the Poppy! And your Interesting photos stream is AMAZING!

  2. I love your header! The detail of the stitching is great - very inspirational. I never thought of making a bag for my Kindle - brilliant idea!

  3. The poppy is incredible, so much detail. And I'm curious about the cyanotypes, I picked up some in fabric form and have been waiting to use it. Yours look lovely.

  4. What a pretty blog you have, and I love your header image!

  5. The close up on your header really takes it out of context. Never dreamt it would turn out to be a Poppy. hugs Mrs A.

  6. I looooooooooove the Kindle bag! Gorgeous. jan

  7. Hi Jackie I've just found your blog whilst I was blog hopping and it's great, I'll be back.
    I love your poppy, they happen to be my favourite flower.

  8. love the poppy and the stitching ...what is triple seeding stitch ?....x

  9. Just wanted to say how much I enjoyed visiting your blog. I found this purse and the colors very inspiring.


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