Saturday, April 09, 2011

'Feathered Friends'

I worked on the various dyed pieces, writing, stamping and then cutting up.

I have used the curved seam method shown by Alicia Merrett in her videos. I’ve decided to put them together and make a small quilt. Its many years since I made anything like a proper quilt, and I had already read that the sort of polyester wadding that I can find in my local shop is very old fashioned, and I noticed how ‘flat’ the wadding used in the DMTV videos looked. I emailed Linda Kemshall and she kindly told me the type of low loft wadding they used and gave me the name of a supplier. It came the next day and I am quite amazed how different it is from the wadding we used to use when I made a number of quilts, from cot to double bed sized many moons ago. In fact, patchwork and quilting was my first venture into textiles and tended to be quite traditional at that time.

It would have looked nicer with a curved seam across the middle but I felt that I was going to lose too much material if I did that.

I have dyed the backing material using the last sample of dye which I was given by Dylon; hassle free, but hardly as much fun when you get such a predictable outcome. I do like the colour combination though.

If you follow Flickr you may be interested in Guerrilla Embroidery’s ‘Flickr Response Project’ which she kindly asked me to join. Why not join in or follow its progress here.

I am having a great deal of trouble uploading photos, it seems to take forever and to get 'stuck'.
I uploaded these first to a Picasa album which seemed to work much better.

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  1. The curved lines look like new shoots coming up, very springy!


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