Monday, January 17, 2011

'Persian Palaces' 3

These are some images of the free machining I have done on the Persian Palaces hanging. It is not really quilted but backed with a piece of brushed calico, which is almost like a thin blanket.

I also used my free sample of Dylon in ‘Goldfish Orange’ to dye a piece of cotton poplin for part of the binding. It was so easy, but the colours are more limited than using Procion MX. I love the burst of colour on my wall.

I have a new sewing table bought with Christmas money. Don’t you think it is smart? With the castors taken off it almost aligns perfectly with the computer table I have used as a sewing table for years. I was given sewing table envy by seeing the one Melanie Testa uses; I had no idea I needed or wanted one before seeing hers.

Then I found my blog hero for January  Leah Day. She has wonderful videos of free machine quilting on her blog,from which I sort of got the patterns I have used. Even if you never want to do this, they are so relaxing to watch.

She became a hero when I watched her video in which she advises cutting off part of her darning foot to make seeing what one is sewing easier. It made me laugh and admire her nerve too. The sewing table is advertised on her blog, and I just had to get one after viewing the demonstration numerous times. It really does help to have a nice flat surface.

To Christine who lurks, I appreciate your comment, please keep coming back. I’m so pleased to have any lurkers, it’s the people who download numerous images without a thank you that I feel the urge to get at occasionally.


  1. Fantastic colours ....very yummy ...x

  2. It's a shame when someone 'borrows' an image without asking, maybe they're envious of our full minds?

    This is lovely, love the colors. Couldn't get my bobbin thread up the other day, let alone go anywhere freely! I will keep practicing & I'll visit the link. (I will NOT look at the table!)

  3. I love this piece - the colours, the stitching, the textures...from another lurker :-)

  4. Lurking and enjoying your beautiful work this evening : )

  5. I so envy your sense of color. jan

  6. This is really spectacular. All those textures and detail. You do some amazing stuff.

  7. Such a beautiful piece. The colors are dreamy, and such a great mix of bold handstitching and delicate machine work.


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