Monday, November 08, 2010

Pattern and a book

On Friday I went for the second session of the Contemporary Textile Workshop which I am going to for six sessions during the academic year. There were a number of design exercises using a piece of fruit or a vegetable. I must tell you that I was very late having missed the train due to my bus being half an hour late. I don’t cope well with being late as I am usually a' first there too early type’. It completely put me off for the first exercises, but I was ok later and enjoyed the afternoon exercise. I had no idea that Klimt was our inspiration, having missed the introduction, but enjoyed looking at his wonderful pictures full of pattern during the lunch break.

Basically the exercise in the afternoon consisted of making a sandwich of coloured papers and cutting through the layers, and then rejoining them. Confusing but worthhwile for the unexpected results. I don’t have any plans to use the resulting designs at the moment, but it would be an exercise worth repeating with other images.

I made a little book using some of the waxed paper experiments for the cover. Thank you all for the various suggestions about using wax. I am continuing with the experiments on paper.


  1. I love your book! Loads of lovely patterns and texture.

  2. These are great! Sounds like there were some wonderful exercises...that one with making the sandwich of papers and then cutting them up is pretty interesting!

  3. I love the wax on paper that you're doing!

  4. Ooooh, that's very cool, Jackie.


  5. I enjoyed your wax experiments while I was away & I LOVE this book. I just use candles as a resist & hot air gun it when finished, I long to brush wax straght across a page, one day!

    Your course looks facinating.

  6. a beautiful book just love it

  7. love your books jackie; especially when you experiment with papers and wax


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