Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Avocado and Flowers

Some of you may remember that not long ago I won a virtual voucher from Gerdiary to use in her shop, I’ve used it now to purchase a pack of her pretty pink materials dyed with avocado skin. Take a look at her posts for more information about this process.

Before using the material I decided to experiment with ‘flower pounding’ which I have been reading about recently. There is plenty of information on the web about it. Basically you take a flower and place it carefully onto your material, put a piece of baking parchment or similar over it and gently pound with a hammer; I only had a piece of heavy metal. Then I turned the sandwich over carefully and worked on the material side, increasing the pressure slightly. The results are pretty, and quite detailed. I have no idea how long they will last and that isn’t too important to me.

I decided to use the material to make a mini long cloth and have very much enjoyed the process. I used every scrap of the material and also the stamp and pieces from the envelope sent from Berlin. I think it was particularly enjoyable as I don’t usually do ‘pretty’ and apart from the pinkness all the fabric was also light and delicate to work on.

As you see I harked back to some of the patching and darning of fabrics we had to do at school but never put into practise. I coated the paper with Acrylic Wax before machining it.

I just have to finish the edges and put on a backing now.

Look out for a blog giveaway in August.

I had a stall at a craft event this weekend, my first since Christmas. It was an enjoyable day, I sold enough at least to cover the cost of being there and had lots of lovely chats, including one with someone who reads my blog.


  1. I like your piece. I have been inspired by Ger recently and feel a mini summer project coming on!
    Glad your craft event went well. Its good for the soul ( and the ego) to meet up with people like that.

  2. this piece has a sweet innocence about it that i really like~wonderful~!!


  3. Hey, that´s marvellous... - funny kind of little shock at first seeing my handwriting - what a splendid idea to include the envelope... (+ thanks for being inspired, Things Hand Made...)

  4. loving it so much Jackie - especially the pounding - heard so much about it; nice to see someones results used in such a nice way

  5. looks so summery

  6. I love the idea of "flower pounding"...I wonder what Ironing them in the same covered manner would create?
    I see a panel for a long skirt here...either a jean skirt front panel or just more soft fabric added to make a skirt around this piece. Lovely enough to wear in my estimation. Glad I came to see.

  7. Finally catching up with your beautiful creations! First, love your new header. Congrats on your book being chosen, there is a great selection there. Can't wait to try the flower bashing - saw it on the Alys Fowler Edible garden & was facinated - it's a Japenese name I'm ashamed I can't remember...my excuse for not having done it yet is I was waiting for autumn leaves...She ironed to fix,I think.

  8. Can we have a flower pounding session at Doodles this Autumn? Sounds and looks fun.

  9. Anonymous12:40 PM

    I haven't tried flower pounding yet, but your results are stunning. I also really like the way you used the stamp and the envelope on this piece. Lovely work.

  10. lovely delicate piece!!


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