Monday, November 30, 2009

Mixed Media

As I mentioned I am part way through a five week evening class on Paper and Mixed Media Surfaces. The tutor is Louise Baldwin whose work I have admired for many years and some of you may have been lucky enough to see her exhibition at the Knit and Stitch Show this year. On the first week we were provided with some very tactile neutral coloured paper from Falkiners to just cut up and stitch as we liked; I feel sure that ordinarily I would have still been preserving these lovely paper and just getting them out of the drawer for the occasional stroke. On the second week I went to the British Museum before the course and happened across a shop full of rubber stamps,inks, magazines and just about everything one doesn't really need but can hardly do without. So I bought some spray inks and a handwriting stamp, which as you can see I then began to use on all my samples.
One of the things I like about the course is that there are lots of interesting samples which provide ideas for future experiments. Some people on the course had never used a sewing machine, and others had not free machined, and I must say that I think they were very brave. Some of the samples are folded and pleated to make them articulated; others are stitched shreds of paper with machining over the holes. One surface was made by crinkling up tissue and machining over the top to produce a new textured surface.

Don’t forget the giveaway is active until December 8th.
This is a link with free video demonstrations by textile artists which is interesting, and originally appeared on Sky TV(Talking Threads).


  1. This sounds a really interesting course. How lovely to be able to pop to the British Museum. We are so isolated up here.

  2. I love the textures. How did your exhibition go?

  3. thanks jackie, I did get the lovely papers and have been ripping and tearing to my hearts content!

  4. Hi Jackie, I live in Australia and just stumbled across your site. It is amazing and very inspiring, thank you for sharing.
    Pam in Canberra

  5. I love the sound of your course, it would be up my street too! Also, love the sound of your purchased goodies ... you can never have enough stamps, inks, paints, threads ...

  6. I love working so close to those two shops. Not so good for my bank balance however! I would love to go on one of her courses, she has some great work.


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