Saturday, July 11, 2009

'Carried Away'

Thanks again for the comments. I do agree that creativity is about that wonderful feeling of being ‘carried away’, either being entirely in the moment and forgetting everything else or carried away with a surge of enthusiasm and just wanting to get on with making/creating.. However, I also know that when I look at a piece of work that I truly admire it will tend to have a certain simplicity and rightness, with nothing unnecessary added or taken away. I think there tends to be too much angst around about the creative process, but at the same time perhaps that is what keeps us going, the striving for that moment when one knows a piece of work is just right and complete.

This week I have been completely taken up with the inspiring work of Alisa Burke. I went to a local DIY store for a hedge trimmer and bought a trial pot of chalky emulsion (such lovely colours). It worked well on fabric and this lead to a Google search which via Quilting Arts brought me to Alisa Burke’s work. I paid to downloaded one of her videos because I just felt she could be me using all the left over bits and pieces. Her video is excellent and really encourages you to layer techniques.
Recent enthusiasms include cyanotypes, must do more when the sun shines, and life drawing, I would like to go to an ongoing class, but there isn’t a convenient one at the moment. I will put it on the list.
I also found this site which can take up a few happy hours if you are an enthusiast for colour; it could also help in working out interesting colour themes. Nice to play with anyway.


  1. Hi

    I read regularly, but shy away from comments, but I have to agree with your thoughts on creativity. I so lose myself in what I am doing and its part of me that I could not live without.

  2. I agree, its the most amazing feeling to loose yourself completey in it.

  3. mrs jevs12:02 PM

    Thank you for sharing your thoughts on creativity. I agree that sometimes you just "know" when a work is right. Thank you also for the link to the colours website - I love it!

  4. I love following your experiments. I checked out both links, both very good. I love your samples. I'm a sample and journal kinda gal too! Your woolies book in the previous post has turned out excellent, well done, it's brilliant. Wish I could handle it and see it for myself

    Have a lovely weekend
    best wishes, Carolyn

  5. This is gorgoeus. I've been looking at your latest posts..your blog is full of fabulous stuff.Love the idea of snow writing.


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