Monday, June 29, 2009


There will be a couple of posts now about the book I worked on over the last few months for an exhibition; unfortunately, it didn’t get selected but it did keep me out of trouble for awhile.

These were some of my first thoughts.

I chose to make a book about the closure of Woolworths because my school friend’s mother worked there and my first Saturday job was in Woolworths on the haberdashery counter.

There are many people’s memories on the internet and many are similar to my own. We used to go there after school when they had a sort of bar where you could get chicken and stuffing sandwiches. I must say I hated the job but still have some fond memories of the shop.


  1. We all miss good old Woolies, my earliest memories are that Woolies had large table sized counters with little squares sectioned off in plastic/glass. Each little section was filled with a different product, I especially remember the toy table. All the toys were little and "pocket money" affordable and I used to buy little packets of stamps of the world!!

    Your project is great, close to home and personal. I especially love the "Woolies RED" you have used for the stamping

  2. Nice books! Not something I've got around to - yet!! Now I'm going to look up 'Quick Print' because it sounds interesting ...

  3. i love this!i am surprised it was not picked...


  4. When I think of Woolworths I start smelling popcorn...mmmmmmmm........ Stores don't smell like that anymore. Shame.

    I'm loving the idea for the book.

  5. Sorry your book did not get picked. Sometimes I wonder about judges!!! This is a winner!


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