Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Cross Stitch

Wednesday 22nd April is the date for the next Doodles textile workshop. We are going to play with basic cross stitch and see how the stitch can be varied with different weights and types of thread.Adding beads and wrapping the stitch.
I searched through my files to find examples of how cross stitch can be used, for instance working on waste canvas on top of non-even weave material and withdrawing the threads after working. These are some examples. I made a whole bag once following Palestinian symbols and colour scheme but I don’t have it anymore; shame it would have made a good sample.
Another idea is to use even weave on top of a coloured or stamped background. Here I used a piece of blue tack to make the marks.

Some other examples were stitched after looking at European embroidery and using grids; my current banner is one of the pieces. Some examples make me feel I could do better now, which is a good thing, whilst others amaze me at what patience I had at the time.


  1. Sounds like a fun workshop. It is so useful to relook at all the mark making things. I used to find it dull to do but I am now really understanding what it is about.

  2. Where is this workshop? Online or ???
    LOVE that first sample.

  3. I like that first sample...very much.

  4. Yes it's always interesting to look back on past work...sometimes surprised at how well we did...and other times thinking 'what was I thinking'...sounds like you've got a good group to 'play' with and share ideas...

  5. It's very nice to see the basic stitches used in so many different ways, traditional and contemporary. I love that we can learn and by inspired by each others' blogs!!

    I love blogging and flicr!!

    Have a good weekend, best wishes, Carolyn


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