Friday, March 06, 2009

Felt and Print

I have been making a few new items for Etsy, mainly because I just wanted to make some felt and also try out the idea of printing with fruit and vegetables.

This small felt purse is made of merino wool with silk tops and some pieces of dip-dyed Wensleydale Fleece (this has a lovely kink but I find I have to separate it out to get it to felt into the surface). The inside is nice as it has a first layer of blended purple and white merino
The part of the purse which I like best is the edging of tiny felt balls with small beads. Fun to make. There is no sense of scale here but the purse is about 13cms high and the felt balls only a cm..
I decided not to fasten the flap down as I think it would spoil the purse but I suppose it makes it less practical, but then you can hardly say it’s a practical item.

This is a piece of the cotton printed with fabric paint and then washed over with Dyna Flow. It looked drab until I overprinted with two shades of gold acrylic which I think lifted the fabric. The lining is silk dupion.


  1. I found your blog through Gunnels blog. I like your work and will follow your blog now as you inspire me with many ideas as does Gunnel.

  2. Who needs practical if one can have beautiful! Wonderful purse...thanks for sharing!

  3. The gold really does make it work.


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