Wednesday, February 04, 2009

More Snow

Yes, Gunnel I do like the snow, mainly because I don't now have to juggle work with closed schools and slippery roads. I feel for all the parents trying to manage mixed committments in the present weather. For me it can now be just be a pretty picture.

This is a piece I made for an exhibition to go with the previous one following City & Guilds. There was also a hanging , silk organza ,which I embroidered with words from a poem about returning home to a white house by a Welsh poet. It seemed appropriate to get it out in the present weather.


  1. Beautiful snowscapes and so right at the moment. I did a foundation/access art & design course at swindon a while ago and loved it although, now, of course I wish I had documented it more thoroughly. I've had to go back to paid work for a time so my study time is limited. I'm trying to slot in creative-time at home but it's so tricky. I blog at if you fancy taking a look sometime

  2. I love your idea of 'tactile words'---


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