Wednesday, December 10, 2008


I saved this old book cover and the wonderful spine from the rubbish bin at a book bindery which I go to on Fridays. It looks as though somebody had used a piece of paper with their book keeping notes to cover the spine of this old gardening book. The whole thing is great for people like me who like that sort of thing; very nostalgic and tactile.

I'm not sure how I will use the cover yet but I have used the photographs as a layer with photographs of Derek Jarman's garden taken last year at Dungeness. I'm sure that I'm only pleased because it is one of a first few attempts at merging layers, and eventually I will be able to see all the faults.

If you live near Winchester, Hampshire a good place for old books is the Deanery Book Shop behind the cathedral; this being one of their rejects. They close during the winter. Another plug is for this group on Flickr which has excellent tutorials about using layers and textures with your photographs.


  1. I am intrigued by your old book find, I saw the photo on flickr and had to come over to read:) I really like old fine handwriting. Best wishes Cathy (november moon).

  2. you have a great blog, I was interested to see you did an access course, me too, I'm now dithering about whether to continue my studies. I'm also a bit of a dabbler but have decided that's what makes me interesting and interested in so many different things

  3. I love this old book,the script is wonderful.
    Look forward to seeing what you do with it, thanks for the flickr group I will take a look.

  4. These are such great photos of a magical find. There is nothing like treasure that has been discarded:)


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